Vehicle auctions are held every Thursday, excluding holidays.
Vehicle inspections begin at 8:30 a.m. with the auction commencing promptly at 10:00 a.m.
Vehicle auctions are held every Thursday, excluding holidays, at our facility located at:

1015 N. Mansfield Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90038

Auction Terms of Sale

Click here to read the terms of sale: Auction Terms of Sale


Long Liens: Lien sales for vehicles valued over $4000.00 as defined in section 3071 of the civil code.
Short Liens: Lien sales for vehicles valued under $4000.00 as defined in section 3072 of the civil code.

Current and Upcoming Lien Sales

All auction vehicles have been impounded for various reasons and have not been claimed by their owners. Below is a listing of auction vehicles scheduled to be lien sold.

Current Week Auctions

Make Model Color Body Type Year VIN Auction Date Lien Type
TOYT COA GRY 4D 16 5YFBURHE7GP524425 12/1/2022 Long Lien
KIA OPT BLK 4D 13 5XXGM4A70DG196273 12/1/2022 Long Lien
FORD MUS YEL 2D 94 1FALP45T6RF195959 12/1/2022 Short Lien
TOYT CAM BLU 4D 89 JT2VV21W7K0041887 12/1/2022 Short Lien
VOLV 850 WHI 4D 97 YV1LS5640V1365482 12/1/2022 Short Lien
HOND CIV SIL 2D 98 1HGEJ8247WL064241 12/1/2022 Short Lien
FORD CVC BLK 4D 95 2FALP74W2SX124359 12/1/2022 Short Lien
TOYT SNA GRY VN 05 5TDZA23C85S325294 12/1/2022 Short Lien
FORD EC3 GRY VN 05 1FTNS24W45HA41329 12/1/2022 Short Lien
CHEV AST WHI 4D 87 1GNDM15ZXHB230784 12/1/2022 Short Lien
VOLK JET BLK 4D 14 3VWD17AJ4EM433482 12/1/2022 Short Lien
HYUN ELN BLU 4D 08 KMHDU46D58U278061 12/1/2022 Short Lien

Next Week Auctions

Make Model Color Body Type Year VIN Auction Date Lien Type
BMW X5 BLK 4D 08 5UXFE83508L166898 12/8/2022 Long Lien
SUBA LEG WHI 4D 05 4S3BP676354317465 12/8/2022 Long Lien
GMC SAV BLK VN 99 1GDFG15R9X1108068 12/8/2022 Short Lien
LEXS 350 SIL 4D 06 JTHBK262765010512 12/8/2022 Short Lien
ACUR MDX WHI 4D 02 2HNYD18272H509093 12/8/2022 Short Lien
MERZ 500 GRY 4D 05 WDBNG75JX5A435152 12/8/2022 Short Lien
KIA OPT GRY 4D 13 KNAGM4AD9D5048307 12/8/2022 Short Lien
HOND ODY GRY 4D 02 2HKRL18782H512066 12/8/2022 Short Lien
UNKN CYL PLE MC 12 L5YTCKPA2C1113907 12/8/2022 Short Lien
NISS PTH GRN 4D 01 JN8DR09Y21W575834 12/8/2022 Short Lien
MERZ C23 WHI 4D 07 WDBRF52H07F872853 12/8/2022 Short Lien
HOND CIV GRY 4D 04 2HGES16504H597789 12/8/2022 Short Lien
NISS SEN WHI 4D 10 3N1AB6AP7AL647922 12/8/2022 Short Lien
DODG CVN GRN VN 04 1D4GP24R64B563386 12/8/2022 Short Lien
KYMC CYL RED MC 10 RFBD1H114AB251603 12/8/2022 Short Lien
HOND CRV SIL 4D 04 JHLRD68464C017995 12/8/2022 Short Lien
AUDI AA4 BLK 4D 03 WAUVT68E13A373530 12/8/2022 Short Lien
HOND ODY BLU 4D 03 5FNRL18923B060391 12/8/2022 Short Lien
NISS MUR RED 4D 05 JN8AZ08W35W415048 12/8/2022 Short Lien
FORD WIN GRY VN 03 2FMZA51443BB00281 12/8/2022 Short Lien
HOND ACC BLU 4D 01 JHMCG65551C008061 12/8/2022 Short Lien
KIA SOL SIL 4D 18 KNDJP3A51J7530157 12/8/2022 Short Lien